The Color BLCK Talk Show

Featured Guest: Ms. Shelly Cook (middle left) Hosts: Kwamise Fletcher (L) & Kambrya Bailey (R)

The Color BLCK is excited to announce its upcoming talk show. This unique and engaging show will be hosted by Terrell Jackson and Kina McFadden and will provide a platform for our community to share their stories, success, and personal experiences. 


Our Future

 By leveraging their creativity and harnessing the power of digital media and technology, the next generation can create and share their own stories, art, and ideas, paving the way for more diverse and inclusive representations of black culture and experiences. 


Black Unisex: I AM BLACK HISTORY T-Shirts 


Supporting our Black-Owned businesses is not just a matter of economic or cultural importance; it’s a matter of social justice. By choosing to support these businesses, we can help to create a more equitable and just society for all. So let’s all do our part to support and uplift our black entrepreneurs!


Dedicated to highlighting the stories and successes of small businesses, as well as creating awareness of our vibrant black community. We focus on topics around inspiring individual stories, promotions within the community, and engaging discussions with the younger generation. 




Building A Foundation Of Faith & Vision

Blindness can significantly impact a person’s independence, employment opportunities, and social life. In addition, blind individuals may face unique challenges related to discrimination and bias, which can be compounded by societal attitudes toward race and gender. Women and men living with blindness in the black community may also encounter barriers to accessing healthcare and other essential services. Despite these challenges, many blind individuals in the black community have demonstrated remarkable resilience and perseverance in pursuing their goals and living fulfilling lives. There is a need for increased awareness, support, and resources to address this population’s specific needs and challenges.


Celebrating Love Beyond Color

Interracial relationships have always been a topic of discussion in the black community. The history of slavery and segregation has left deep scars in the collective memory, and many have questioned whether it is possible to overcome those wounds and build relationships that transcend racial boundaries. Despite the challenges, many black individuals have chosen to pursue relationships with people of other races, and in doing so, have challenged the social norms and expectations that have limited their choices for so long.



Changing the Game in the Entertainment Industry for Black Filmmakers and Content Creators

Our mission is to provide a space where black creatives can showcase their talents, tell their stories, and connect with their audience. We feature a diverse range of content, from documentaries and feature films to short videos and web series, all created by black filmmakers, actors, and content creators. Our channel is not just about entertainment, it’s also about community-building and creating a space for dialogue and exchange.